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The first few days – how to make a new hire feel welcome


Here’s a question for you – how much time and money do you spend on recruiting the best salesperson for the new territory that you are opening? Take a look at typical first year costs of hiring and salary plus benefits - it has to be in the high 6 figures.

The first few days are critical to the success of any new hire – that crucial period when both of you are keen to make the right impression. Arriving at your corporate office for the first time your new rep is going to have some degree of trepidation – it’s a little bit like the first day at a new school. Make sure that there is a warm welcome at the front desk – who have been briefed about your new recruit. After all you don’t want any buyers’ remorse – it’s happened before that a new rep has returned to a former employer after being thrown in at the deep end without a life-jacket.

 If you can, provide a buddy for your sales rep; someone who will introduce her to the team and help navigate around any necessary paperwork that has yet to be completed. This relationship may mature over time into what Gallup describe as a “Best Friend at Work” – someone who can provide peer support and lessen the demands on you – as a busy sales manager.

 And don’t forget the regular hygiene factors; pay roll, mobile phone and a good, working computer.

 Above all – set clear, realistic SMART goals together with your new hire so that you both know what good will look like on a weekly basis when you sit down together at your regular review. And encourage an open dialogue about what is working and what isn’t. This way there are no nasty surprises on either side…


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