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Is your team fully engaged – or looking for a new job?


You have had a good year and, as the year end approaches, you may be preparing to grow your team. Before you go ahead with any expansion plans it may be wise to evaluate the stability of your existing headcount – according to research from Gallup over half of them may be open to offers from a new employer.

This week I had the pleasure of attending an excellent seminar at the in the Shard hosted by Mila Majic and Ruth Evers from Gallup.The topic on the agenda was creating a high-performance culture; a topic that interests me in my work as a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach.

Gallup research proves that a high-performance culture is built on a foundation of engaged employees. It should come as no big surprise to hear that a happy worker is more productive and loyal than a disgruntled, demotivated one but the Gallup survey results of worldwide employee engagement are really quite shocking. Fully 85% of the global workforce is not fully engaged at work and, worse than that, there has been no real change in the past 15 years.

 The key to improving employee engagement is in the hands of the team manager, Gallup research proves that managers account for fully 70% of variance in employee engagement.

Unfortunately, it seems that management practice has not kept pace with the changing expectations of a new generation of workers who expect more than an annual review and a monthly paycheque. The 21st century employee wants to share common values with the company and work together towards a purpose beyond the profit motive. These workers are crying out for a different kind of relationship with the boss – one based on coaching rather than managing; asking rather than telling.

 Effective coaching requires the enlightened manager to first understand the unique strengths of the individuals in the team – this can be easily facilitated by having them complete the popular CliftonStrengths assessment. This then allows the manager to have regular coaching conversations tailored to the needs and talents of the individual.

 The rewards for those companies that embrace a strengths-based performance culture are clear – the level of employee engagement among Gallup's best clients is more than 21 times the rate of workforces globally.

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