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Employee Engagement

Yes, you read that correctly, according to the Gallup® State of the Global Workplace Report, only 11% of UK employees are fully engaged at work.

Workforce engagement vendor Ten Spot reports that 54% of Generation Z workers say they are less productive when working from home. In these extraordinary times leaders are struggling with how to keep their teams together, focused and generating the best results for their customers. 

You’ve already tried team training and workshops before and they didn’t work, because people forget 76% of what they learned after just 4 hours. Fortunately, technology now allows us to embed behavioural change and develop new working habits that dramatically improve employee engagement and productivity.

Our customised coaching programs will:

Increase the ramp-up speed for new hires

Reduce the churn rate for senior staff

Improve communication in cross-functional teams

Transform sales teams to win new business

Create a company culture that delivers an exceptional customer experience

Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach

Not your average sales training company

The key to success is to fully understand how to apply your greatest talents and strengths in your everyday life. People who focus on their strengths are six times as likely to be engaged at work.

We can show you:

What the best leaders do to tie their engagement practices to business outcomes
How to create a workplace where people want to show up, work hard and stay
How Gallup's newest tools and resources will improve employee engagement so your team can be more productive

I’m normally pretty sceptical of ‘coaching’ systems, but Kevin’s implementation of the Gallup Strengths system gave me some remarkable insights into my own personality and how to make those strengths work in a team environment. I can unreservedly recommend Kevin to anyone interested in finding out more about, and making more of, themselves.

David Topping
Director, Thin Guides Ltd

I had the pleasure working with Kevin for the last two years. Kevin is a seasoned Sales professional who successfully developed the Searchmetrics business in the UK and the Nordics. He is a very structured person, very accomplished in managing expectations as well as customer relationships and last but not least a lot of fun to work with.

Dirk Wolf
Chief Financial Officer, Searchmetrics

Kevin has a wealth of experience working with partners and knows how to build lasting and mutually beneficial relationships. Kevin communicates well throughout any project, is never above rolling up his sleeves and brings his knowledge and sense of humour to the benefit of the organisation and his colleagues. He's a resourceful problem solver who always seems to know the right person or company who can help.

Nick Garlick
Managing Director, SecureLink

I’ve recently had the pleasure of reconnecting with Kevin, where he was my sales manager at the start of my career years ago. It’s great to see Kevin still has the same enthusiasm today, full of energy and a glass-half-full perspective. Having successfully run corporate sales teams Kevin is now applying his extensive selling expertise to mentoring and strengths coaching, which once again has proven invaluable: viewing my career through a new lens, helping me take stock of my achievements, identify not only my key strengths but other skills and characteristics that complete the package, to best position myself for continued future success and job satisfaction.

Ed Harman
Enterprise Sales Leader, Earthport

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