Start with Talent Finish with Strength

The most effective people know their talents and are always investing in strengths. A Talent is a natural ability to think, to act, to react in a certain way. We are all born with different attributes that develop into talents during our childhood but few of us really know what these are or how to hone them into strengths.

People who master their Top 5 talents are 6 times more likely than others to be more involved in their work. People who have the opportunity to use their talents every day in their work are on average 7.8% more productive.

When leaders focus on and invest in the strengths of their team members, the odds of each person being engaged goes up eightfold. When leaders address the needs of followers; Trust, Hope, Stability and Compassion, their managers and teams respond with increased commitment and productivity. 

Now Discover Your Leadership Strengths

Strengths-Based Coaching for Leaders begins with CliftonStrengths®  - the most popular online talent assessment - which has now been completed by over 17 million people around the world. 

The individual coaching sessions which follow will help the you to understand, embrace and direct your leadership talents using these 3 key elements of the CliftonStrengths® coaching methodology:

Name It: Just taking the CliftonStrengths® assessment gives you an entirely new language to describe yourself in a positive way so your first task is to understand what your dominant strengths are.

Claim It: It is then time to embrace your dominant talents and understand how they can complement and amplify each other. It is not until people take a close look at their talents that they begin to discover the amazing variety, intricacy, and power that they have.  

Aim It:  Your ability to achieve excellence and get the most out of life is connected to the extent to which you intentionally build strengths from your talents. You need to use your talents constructively and purposefully to build them into strengths.

During this last stage we will work with you on a personal development plan that will harness your unique strengths to help achieve your business and career goals.