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Strengths-Based Leadership

Our strengths reveal scientific insights into how our unique leadership style creates our greatest influence and reveals our potential blind spots.

The most effective leaders are always investing in strengths. In the workplace, when an organization's leadership fails to focus on individuals' strengths, the odds of an employee being engaged are a dismal 1 in 11 (9%). But when an organization's leadership focuses on the strengths of its employees, the odds soar to almost 3 in 4 (73%). When leaders focus on and invest in their employees' strengths, the odds of each person being engaged goes up eightfold. Using CliftonStrengths® and the Strengths-Based Leadership framework, this course will empower leaders to effectively engage and motivate each of their team members and build a high-performance team culture.

We can help you to use the transformational power of CliftonStrengths® in your work, your leadership and in your personal life. Being aware of your strengths and knowing how to apply them intentionally is a guaranteed way to reach your full potential in all parts of your life.

During Strengths Coaching we will:

  • Identify your unique blend of strengths using the CliftonStrengths® Assessment
  • Increase your awareness and appreciation of your strengths and those of others
  • Increase your level of engagement and joy in your work & personal life
  • Improve your communication and relationships
  • Help you leverage your strengths based on your desired outcomes
  • Turn your strengths into near perfect performance in your work

Your strength zone is more than just a happy place—it’s your unique place in the world, the place that allows you to be the full expression of you. When you’re living and working in your strength zone, you’re tapping into your innate talents and offering your unique gifts to the world. Living in the strength zone feels good—in fact, it’s as natural as breathing. When you inhabit your strength zone, you’ll feel confident, empowered, happy, and fulfilled.

The strength zone feels exciting, empowering, and energizing. When you’re operating from your strength zone, things feel almost effortless—as if you’re in perfect alignment with your true self.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. We all have a unique set of strengths that we are meant to share with the world. Your success in work and life will take off exponentially AND you’ll feel a lot happier, fulfilled and confident in the process. The best part is you’ll not only be hugely successful but you’ll feel more motivated, engaged and satisfied too.


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